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Budget and What We Fund


School Partnership Program

The Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory (Formerly The Norris Center for Performing Arts) is partnering with Mira Catalina this fall to bring performing arts education to our students.  This is the first year Mira Catalina is participating in this  School partnership program and we are very excited. All grade levels will be involved in the program. More information will be forthcoming after the start of the year regarding volunteer opportunities and specific dates of performances.


Mira Catalina School Garden

Our School Garden was created by a dedicated team of volunteers at Mira Catalina who feel there is great value to students in having a hands-on outdoor learning environment which allows experiential learning and science and nutrition education.  With this in mind we have entered into a partnership with Palos Verdes School Gardens.  Palos Verdes School Gardens offers an interdisciplinary garden-based program, utilizing the campus edible garden and outdoor classroom.  Lessons help students understand the process of planting, maintaining and harvesting a garden.  Students are truly able to see how food goes from earth to table.  Parent Volunteers are invited to help in monthly classes in our school garden. You may sign up with your classroom Room Parent to be a "Green Thumb" and to learn the scheduled time your child's class will be learning in our amazing garden, our Outdoor Classroom.

Art at Your Fingertips

Now in its 39th year, Art At Your Fingertips, the Art Centerís visual arts outreach program, brings standards-based education to our local schools.

Each of the five Art At Your Fingertips projects combines art techniques, art history and aesthetics in lessons that meet California visual arts standards for all elementary grade levels. In monthly workshops, the artist who developed each project teaches the 400+ parent volunteers who, in turn, teach students DK-5th grade at every public and private school on the Peninsula.

The Art At Your Fingertips Promgram will be conducted this year by our Co-Chairs Heather Karmelich and Elizabeth Valero. If you wish to volunteer as a Docent or a Helping Hand please volunteer at Back to School Night or contact our Chairs.  Thank you for helping support Art Education in our schools.  For more information visit: http://pvartcenter.goodbarry.com/education/AAYF.htm

Walk Through Presentations

Our PTA is pleased to support the 4th and 5th grade curriculum with the funding of the Walk Through California™ and the Walk Through the American Revolution™ programs.  For more information on these programs please visit: http://www.californiaweekly.com/walk-through-presentations

Did you know that Field Trips are funded by the PTA?  

Each year the Mira Catalina PTA works to support grade level curriculum and broaden the horizons of our students by funding a field trip for each grade level.  One of the greatest expenses for a field trip is the cost of the bus. Many thanks to all who support PTA and make this addition to the school year possible for our students!

Science Fair

Each Spring Mira Catalina students are invited to present their science fair projects in the MPR on a night when the whole campus is welcome to view them. Students in grades 3-5 will complete science fair projects as part of their school curriculum.  All grade levels are invited to participate if they wish. More communication will follow closer to the date.  Our PTA Science Fair Chair assists in making the MPR ready for the night, arranging boards in the MPR, and sharing communications in our newsletter.  


Assemblies offer a chance to our students to gather in the MPR and have an experience that combines learning with fun and laughter. Assemblies are geared towards topics relevant to lessons in the classroom often coinciding with Red Ribbon Week, Yellow Ribbon Week and Green Week.  


Talent Show

The talent show offers a terrific opportunity for students to showcase their talents in a warm supportive environment with their peers.  Our amazing Talent Show Chair, Leslie Fox, works tirelessly to put together a great program.  Students will be invited to "try-out" for the talent show in the spring and a show will be presented in the MPR several weeks later.  The talent show comes together due to a collective effort by Leslie Fox and the volunteers who help her. If you would like to volunteer to help make the Talent Show a success please contact Leslie Fox:  leslieafox@hotmail.com

Teacher Supply Fund

The Teacher Supply Fund allows teachers to have monies available for their classroom needs. It has become increasingly important to support teacher supply budgets as district supply funds have dwindled or disappeared.  The PTA partners with teachers to support the classroom.  You may also look at your teacher's Wish List to learn more about what may help them with activiites throughout the year.

Palos Verdes Land Conservancy

Third-Grade Naturalist Program

Taught by trained docents, this school program has been serving students in the local area for more than 14 years and consists of five sessions, four in-class visits, and one field trip. The first four sessions are interactive discussions in the classroom on the natural history of the area, complete with touchable objects and dynamic visual aids. Topics covered include geology, birds, invertebrates, Tongva culture, reptiles, mammals, and native and exotic plants. The final session culminates in a field trip to a local open space, where students put their new knowledge to the test on an educational nature walk.