Benefits of PTA Membership

Each school operates as an independent PTA to best serve the needs of their students and community. In Palos Verdes, schools are part of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Council of PTAs, which has its own officers. As part of the local, State and National PTA, each school PTA has access to over 100 years of information, research, and experience.

National PTA represents the interests of over 5 million members. Most recently, National PTA joined other organizations in successfully lobbying against a proposed IRS rule that would have required nonprofit donors to provide tax identification numbers. State PTA actively worked to support the vaccination law that eliminated parents' rights to refuse to vaccinate their children for personal or religious reasons.

Locally, our PTA Council coordinates Capitol Convoy, a Sacramento lobbying trip for parents and students to advocate on issues affecting our Palos Verdes community. Past participants have lobbied for lowering the reserve cap, and increased funding for SCROC and facilities maintenance. PTA members help decide the most important issues affecting our community and membership dues fund all levels of advocacy on all fronts.

PTA membership also provides parents an opportunity to be involved in their child's education and to provide programs such as Reflections, Red Ribbon Week, Yellow Ribbon Week. Palos Verdes PTA members further enhance their children's education experience by supporting Art at Your Fingertips, Disaster Preparedness, educational programs and field trips. Finally, high school students can apply for Council and State scholarships.

All PTA levels offer membership perks including Baskin Robbins and rental car discounts, Legoland reduced price tickets and many other benefits. See the CA PTA Membership Perks webpage for information on additional benefits.

Most importantly, PTA membership encourages parents to be advocates for their children-and all children.