A position on the PV Council of PTAs is 4th Vice President of Community Service, which includes Disaster Preparedness. Our Council 4th VPs, Timothy Massey and Judy Gilligan, and Cheryl Dawson, Disaster Chair, meet monthly with each school’s 4th VPs and Disaster Chairs.

One of their goals is to support each school site’s disaster preparedness efforts by providing information, training and documentation. PTAs and PTSAs supplement the District provided water, food bars and apple crisps at each school site. Most schools have many of the recommended inventory items which include tools (wrenches, flashlights), medical supplies (bandages, splints, cold packs) and other supplies such as tents, hard hats, portable toilets and stretchers. Parents attend school disaster drills to help with parent release procedures, observations and recommendations. In addition, our 4th VPs and Disaster Chair organize training opportunities for teachers and administrators including CERT and Search & Rescue. Most recently, the Disaster Chair is part of a newly formed disaster committee comprised of area law enforcement, fire department, regional disaster management city managers, and representatives from utility companies to improve communication during anemergency.

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