Capitol Convoy April 17-18, 2018

An opportunity for advocacy led by our PVP Council of PTA's in partnership with PVPUSD.


  • Capitol Convoy April 17-18, 2018

  • State PTA Convention, April 27-29 in Ontario

  • Governor’s Debate on Friday, April 27 -29 ($25 for Forum only)

Learn more about the process, advocacy points, and objectives for Capitol Convoy 2018:

Capitol Convoy 2018 Overview Full Presentation

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California and Palos Verdes Budget Basics

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PVP Council of PTAs and PVPUSD Advocacy Points

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Assembly Bill 2808

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February 16, 2018

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The PVP Council of PTAs Considers the Future of the Costume Closet


It has been just over 40 years since a small group of parents created the Costume Closet as a fundraising program for PV schools to provide a location to store and maintain costumes used in school plays and performances.  In 1981, the Costume Closet made its first monetary donation to the PVP Council of PTAs, and from then until 2015, funds from the Costume Closet rental service funded the PTA Council budget and distributed profits back to the PTAs of the PVPUSD.  However, with a growing costume inventory, increased competition from online costume sales and a significant decline in volunteerism, staffing costs at the Costume Closet have increased, making it harder for the organization to give back monetarily to our PTAs.  These factors and others have made it necessary for the PVP Council of PTAs to evaluate its capacity to continue its stewardship of this unique community program.


In December, 2017, the PVP Council of PTAs voted to create a committee to discuss the future of the Costume Closet and requested that they report back in January with recommendations.     Their report in January recognized that the PVP Council of PTAs lacks expertise in small business management, is concerned about the personal liability placed on PVP Council leaders by the Costume Closet, and the decline in volunteerism to the Costume Closet.  In addition, the added responsibility of serving as Costume Closet board members detracts from the primary role of assisting with the administration of the 16 PVPUSD PTA units. Immediate actions recommended by the committee focused on reducing the costume inventory so costs could be reduced including no longer accepting donations and creating a permanent “inventory reduction” process to weed out costumes that are not being rented. 


Several ideas were presented as possible alternative arrangements for the costume collection.  The PVPUSD is supportive of providing a location within PVPUSD where curriculum-based costumes would be stored and available to students through a partnership with the PTAs at no cost to district families.  Also, the PVP Council of PTAs has been in discussions with several local non-profit organizations hoping to find a group who is willing to take the Costume Closet inventory and keep the spirit of the Costume Closet alive in the community.


On Friday, Feb. 16, the PVP Council of PTAs Executive Board voted to no longer operate the Costume Closet by June 30, 2018.  This vote will be shared with all voting delegates of our PVP Council of PTAs through the PVP PTA units.  On March 16, 2018 all voting delegates of the PVP Council of PTAs will vote whether to support this action at our Annual Meeting at Ridgecrest Intermediate School.  The PVP Council will continue to work towards finding a path forward for this community costume service.


The Costume Closet is open for business and will be giving customers the unique opportunity to participate in several focused inventory reduction events that will be held from late February through May 2018.  These special events will help consolidate the collection and make the business more manageable.  Watch the Costume Closet social media sites for more information on these events soon.